Burial Options

Singing Hills offers several price options for traditional ground burial.

Installed Lawn Crypt      $9,400

We have pre-installed double depth lawn crypts in this section  and we sell the space, the 2nd right of interment and the double vault together in a package.

Devotion Premium Corral    $6,100

This our newly released section high up on the hill with the best views of the valley.  There are also several bronze statues in this area with future water features planed.  Every space has parking close by.

Devotion Stags Retreat

This is the earliest section of our park to be developed and is heavily sold because of the proximity to the Lilly Pond and the parking lot.  This section also has many beautiful shade trees.  There are still many beautiful spaces available.

Devotion Standard Lawn

Devotion Standard Lawn has beautiful wide open areas with some majestic views of the surrounding mountains.


2nd Right of Interment                                                                 50% cost of space
Every space can used as a double depth space (one space for two burials) when the 2nd right of interment is purchased.  The 2nd right of interment can also be used to make 6 cremation burials in a traditional burial space.

Endowment Care

Traditional Spaces:                                                                        $190
Endowment care is a one time maintenance fee.  Its purpose is to insure that there will always be money set aside to keep the park looking beautiful even after we are no longer making burials and receiving revenue.  Endowment care is added to all traditional burial spaces and mausoleum crypts.