Cemetery Rules

  1. Anyone who is at the cemetery are prohibited from breaking of any tree, shrub or plant; picking any flowers; or from writing upon, defacing or injuring any memorial or other structure within the cemetery grounds. All trees should be left alone; meaning no trimming, pruning or removing any branches in the cemetery.
  2. All vehicles must be kept under control at all times. There will be no passing of a funeral procession when going in the same direction and must stop if one is being met until the funeral procession has passed.
  3. The following are prohibited:
    a. Excessive speeding of vehicles while driving through the cemetery or its entrance. The speed limit must be followed.
    b. Driving any motor car, vehicle across or upon any grave, lot or lawn or parking or leaving the same thereon.
    c. Leaving your vehicle parked anywhere in the cemetery where no other cars can pass by.
  4. Children must be accompanied by an adult when entering the cemetery.
  5. No person within the cemetery shall:
    a. Talk in a loud or boisterous manner or quarrel
    b. Make any improper noise or disturbance
    c. Be drunk or intoxicated
    d. Use any profane, vulgar or indecent language
    e. Conduct themselves in an obscene or disorderly manner
    f. Loiter on the grounds or in any of the buildings
    g. Engage in any game, amusement or diversion within the cemetery
    h. Bring lunches or refreshments into the cemetery or consume them on the grounds
    i. Peddle or solicit the sale of any commodity within the cemetery
    j. Place signs, notices or advertisements of any kind within the cemetery
    k. Bring animals into the cemetery or any of its buildings
    l. Bring firearms into the cemetery except by a military escort accompanying a veteran’s funeral or attending a memorial service